Jaguar XJ Series (X350, X358) takailmajousi/joustintuki

This offer includes a new shock absorbing strut. 
It replaces the original shock absorbing strut of your vehicle without loosing the original quality and design.
Each pneumatic damper undergoes a quality inspection.
In addition to the appearance and sealing of the air spring, the function is checked to see if the effectiveness of the shock absorber meets the requirements. For this purpose, each damper is mounted in a test bench and evaluated.
Can be installed in the following vehicles: 
Jaguar XJ Series (X350, X358) 2003-2010
Original spare part number: 
C2C41341, C2C41343, C2C28531, C2C28407, C2C24410, C2C25694, C2C39765, C2C31014 
2W93 5A965 EC; 2W93 5A965 EH; 2W93 5A965 EK; 2W93 5A965 EL; 2W93 5B749 EC; 2W93 5B749 EH; 2W93 5B749 EK; 2W93 5B749 EL; C2C 20165; C2C 23697; C2C 24410; C2C 25694; C2C 28407; C2C 28531; C2C 28992; C2C 31014; C2C 31015; C2C 39765; C2C 39766; C2C 41340; C2C 41341; C2C 41343; C2C 41346
44-069506, BL3-6950, F4-BL3-6950-H0


  • Tuotenumero: JMT-FBN0-001S-1340
  • Lähetyspaino: 10kg

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