TOYOTA COROLLA 1990-1999 ym. vetonivel ulompi


OEM: TOYOTA 43410-16200; TOYOTA 43410-16171; TOYOTA 43410-16172; TOYOTA 43410-16201
Code: 0110-037A48
OE/OEM compatible and cross reference numbered spare parts:

TOYOTA 43410-16200;TOYOTA 43410-16171;TOYOTA 43410-16172;TOYOTA 43410-16201;TOYOTA 43410-16300;TOYOTA 43420-16111;TOYOTA 43420-16112;TOYOTA 43420-16131;TOYOTA 43420-16132;TOYOTA 43420-16230;TOYOTA 43420-16280    

Compatible car models:

TOYOTA COROLLA 2 EL51 1994-1999
TOYOTA COROLLA 2 EL41 1990-1994
TOYOTA CORSA NL50 1994-1999
TOYOTA CORSA EL5# 1994-1999
TOYOTA CORSA EL4# 1990-1994
TOYOTA CORSA NL40 1990-1994
TOYOTA CYNOS EL44 1991-1995
TOYOTA CYNOS EL52 1995-1999
TOYOTA CYNOS EL54 1995-1999
TOYOTA PASEO EL44 1990-1995
TOYOTA PASEO EL54 1995-1999
TOYOTA RAUM EXZ15 4WD 1997-2003
TOYOTA RAUM EXZ10 1997-2003
TOYOTA TERCEL NL50 1994-1999
TOYOTA TERCEL EL5# 1994-1999
TOYOTA TERCEL NL40 1990-1994
TOYOTA TERCEL EL4# 1990-1994

Please note that the above-mentioned cars may have different platforms, depending on the origin. Please check that the OEM number is compatible with part/article number 0110-037A48. If you do not have the original part number - please contact us!

Lisää koriin:

  • Tuotenumero: 0110-037A48
  • Lähetyspaino: 3kg
  • Valmistaja: Febest

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